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5 Proactive Ways to Spend Your Summer Post-Graduation | Highschool and Collegiate Tips

Don't sit and wait for the opportunities' to come, get up and make them! - Madam CJ Walker

It's Summer!

On one end of the spectrum you may be coerced into spending it in while hanging out with your friends, sleeping in six days out of the week, partying every other night -- yadayadayada… On the other end of the spectrum you may be consumed with the thoughts of finding a job, preparing for the next school term, working on your craft, etcetera. As a current college graduate, I was completely on that latter end of the spectrum. But, I've recently incorporated ways to land me right in the center of the two, allowing me to take care of business and enjoy the opportunity for leisure.



Internships allow you to work and play, and most times the work feels like play. Whether you decide to apply for one in the city or out of the country it's always the most effective way to remain on top of your game while still living it up with your friends. AND, get this... you can even get paid. So you'll have a check, a good time and some consistently productive activity? Go for it!



Even if you don't physically have a job to go to every other day, you are still your biggest piece of work. Brainstorm different ways in which you can brand yourself. Ask yourself questions like: How will I introduce myself in a way that goes beyond just stating my name? What do I want people to know me as? What assets can I market for future jobs, opportunities and other possible recognition? You can practice this with the use of social media, attending networking events and mixers in your community or any other outlet that will push you past a, "Hello, my name is..."


Get a job...

This is stating the obvious. There are plenty of opportunities for you to make some money even if it doesn't immediately settle you into the field of your choice. If you're not a sit-behind-a-desk type of person search for jobs that require you to move around and interact with people (i.e. summer camps, museums, restaurants, hosting gigs, etc.) If you have any creative interests, apply for positions with creative settings such as art exhibits, fashion shows, entertainment agencies or even marketing/advertising for businesses. If you're really feeling spontaneous, start a business!


Community Service

Lend a hand to your community by volunteering your services when needed. Not only is it a nice thing to do, but it is a great component to add to your resume. It's important to also note that not all service opportunities are laboring and predictable. There are some fun spirited and creative ways to give back to the community.


Apply... for everything!

Apply for scholarships, apply for grants, apply to different academic programs, apply to your schools of choice, apply for credit, apply for that LLC, apply for graduation... the sooner the better! This is all a part of adulting and managing your time wisely.


I assure you, the busier you are this summer the less you'll have to rush and do once the ball gets back rolling. The last thing I would encourage anyone to do is waste time!

Favor, Peace & Blessings

Jermesha Striblet

@browngirlproverb - IG

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