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Forming Realistic Goals

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

How many times have your teachers told you to write out a SMART goal or start outlining your next big steps in life? How many times have you actually followed through with what you wrote on the paper? It could just be me, but there are rare instances in which I actually complete things according to a sheet.

That's okay, because not everyone views accomplishments in the same way.

But maybe we need to set some definitions up before you start taking advice. So, at its core, what is a goal?

According to Google, a goal is the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Let's begin with a small idea: your goal when you enter a shop is to attain an item, a pair of shoes, let's say. Sometimes you know exactly what you want and that includes memory foam, Velcro, and heelys (I typed whatever came to mind first). But other times you hope the pair of shoes finds you after endless rows of searching.

Now putting that in terms of abstractions, such as innovating an area of business or becoming a global athlete- how in the world are you going to get to such places?

Attempt to make your goal tangible with things like vision boards, read about it, talk to people about it! You never really know who in your life has the resources you need to accomplish your goal.

You start with the little things. Step by step, create provisional or temporary tasks that could be completed anywhere from a day to a few months. Like if you're an aspiring writer, get used to making a time slot for warm-ups or automatic writing. Then steadily turn those warm-ups into your next poem or chapter. And after that, turn it into time for editing and revision. By breaking down your ultimate goal to make a collection/book, it doesn't feel like a grand, impossible dream. You accomplish something day by day, and that goes for just about anything in life!

Let it be,

Zoe Nellum

@ZNBlogs Twitter/Tumblr

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