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College Mentoring Experience was founded in 2014 by long-time Austin resident Bernard Lilly because

of his concern for the high rate of school dropouts and graduation rates of students. This vision launched the creation of a mentoring organization with the mission "To help students WIN!”.  It has always been about the kids and providing them with a fair opportunity to have a chance at success.  Over the past

four years College Mentoring Experience has exposed youth to college tours, cultural and sporting

events, scholarship opportunities and most importantly a great mentor.  Our organization is focused

on ensuring that we address the social and academic needs of our youth through Experience,

Mentoring and Exposure.   We continue to benefit from a strong base of active mentors

and volunteers that share the same passion for wanting our youth to succeed.

Together, we can make a difference!

Our Mission

​College Mentoring Experience is a Chicago non-profit organization that provides resources to help youth enter into college and graduate via college tours, scholarships, tutoring and mentorship; we prepare students with academic and soft skills needed to succeed in the 21st century academic and workplace environments. It is our belief that when students are supported; families and communities are impacted.

Our Mission

Solutions We Provide

We partner with our community partners, educational institutions, mentors and volunteers to ensure that our students are prepared to get to and through college.   Our approach to accomplish this outcome is approached in the following ways: Mentoring, Tutoring, Workshops, College Campus Tours and College Planning.

Our Purpose

Mentoring is not only one of the oldest forms of passing on knowledge & skills to another person 

It is a time proven strategy designed to help young people of all circumstances achieve their potential.


The purpose of College Mentoring Experience (CME) is to give every at-risk or underserved minority student an opportunity to have a college education and to be prepared for college by their senior year of high school.


  • College Aspirations  - Instill the mentality that they can attend and graduate from college.

  • Academic Planning & Selection - Ensure that students are supported academically throughout their educational career.

  • Assessments - Review academic progress to identify opportunities that we can assist them.

  • Affordability Planning - Making sure that our youth have the right financial package that fits them and their families.

  • Admissions - We ensure that our youth are knowledgeable of the college admission process.

  • Transitional from High School to College - Having a support system in place via a mentor to ensure that our youth can make a successful transition.

We Need Your Support Today!

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