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1:1 Mentoring Program

Studies show that children in mentoring programs are less likely to skip school, use drugs or alcohol and are more likely to develop a trusting and supportive relationship with parents. Through college Mentoring Experience intervention youth considered to be at-risk of not achieving their full academic potential will receive tutoring, career exploration and life skills development as alternatives to negative learning behaviors. 

The creative positive learning experiences designed to improve each students’ academic interpersonal skills and interest. Mentees are required to attend orientation training, complete a over the phone interview and a home assessment.  Once these steps have been completed, the young person will be placed on the waiting list until a suitable mentor has been identified.

Mentors are screened and matched with mentees to provide social, emotional, cultural support and enrichment. Mentors are required to have the time and flexibility to communicate with mentees on the minimum basis of once per week via phone/text and a minimum once a month face-to-face. Prospective mentors are required to complete a background screening, interview, orientation and training.

Contact our office today to receive additional details for youth to have a mentor:

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