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Why Support Us?

At CME, we believe that access to a college education can change the lives of youth, their families, and their communities. Founded by a longtime resident of Austin, a neighborhood on Chicago's West Side with high rates of violence, joblessness, and poverty. CME is firmly rooted in Austin, Greater Chicago and deeply familiar with the communities we serve.

Through one-on-one mentoring, school-based programs, college tours, and more. CME is helping hundreds of students unlock their potential with 100% of our mentees going on to college. By investing in these chronically underserved neighborhoods and showing teens they have the power to achieve more, our goal is to break the cycle of poverty and drive positive change across these communities - one student at a time.


  • College Tours

  • 1-1 Mentoring

  • Group Mentoring Sessions

  • Guest Speakers

  • High School Open House

  • Access to Tutoring Resources

  • Access to Saturday Sessions for Site-Based Mentoring

  • Behavior Management - Reward System

  • Quarterly Parent Meetings

  • Mentor Teacher Check-ins

  • Academic Prep Sessions

Who do we serve?

  • 58 mentee - mentor matches in 2021

  • 24 mentees are currently college students

  • 80% of mentees qualify for free & reduced lunch

  • 67% of mentees come from single-parent households

  • 45% of mentees are or will be first-generation college students

  • Mentees come from 19 different communities in Greater Chicago

  • Over 50% of mentees reside in Austin & Garfield Park communities


  • Ensure high school completion among mentees

  • Increase student success measures among mentees

  • Increase visits to colleges and universities

  • Increase number of workshops and seminars that support academic success and college enrollment among mentees

  • Increase College Enrollment among mentees

  • Provide holistic & equitable support to ensure college retention & completion

  • Increase partnerships that support internships, practicums & job placement post-graduation

  • Provide support for the social-emotional development and mental health of mentees

  • Increase mentee exposure to cultural enhancement activities


  • 14 graduates in 2021

  • Over 90% college enrollment rate among mentees graduating High School

  • Over 90% Fall-to-Fall retention rate among college mentees

  • Conducted over 1,000 wellness checks with our mentees during 2020 school year

  • Facilitated over 70 group mentoring sessions during 2020 school year

  • Coordinated 14 visits to colleges & universities in 2021

  • Hosted 7 workshops and seminars for mentees in 2021

  • Provided mentees with new laptops during COVID-19 quarantine in 2020

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