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S.T.E.P. Boys Program

Join the Journey of Empowerment Every Saturday!


Are you ready for an empowering adventure? Welcome to the S.T.E.P Boys Program at College Mentoring Experience – where Success, Teaching, Empowering, and Protecting are at the heart of everything we do!

When: Every Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm

Where: By the Hand Club for Kids, 415 N Laramie Ave, Chicago, IL


What We Offer:


  • Mentorship: Our mentors are dedicated to guiding and inspiring our boys on the path to success. It's more than mentorship; it's the building of a foundation for a successful future!


  • Nutritional and Mental Wellness Workshops: Nourish your mind and body. Discover the keys to a healthy, vibrant future through expert-led workshops.


  • College and Career Planning: Dream big, plan bigger! Explore the exciting possibilities that education and career paths offer with our dedicated support.


  • Entrepreneurship Insights: Unleash your inner entrepreneur. Learn the skills to turn your passions into successful ventures.


  • Cultural Connect: Immerse yourself in diverse social and cultural events, fostering understanding, unity, and positive impact.


  • Sports Academy or Clinic: Sports enthusiasts, unite! Every Saturday, join us for a fun-packed sports session that transcends age and celebrates the joy of competition.


Ready to take the S.T.E.P towards a brighter future? Join us at By the Hand Club for Kids and become part of a community committed to your success.

In Person

5100 W. Harrison

Chicago, IL 60644

Tel: 312.953.2634


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