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Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, Meek Millz, Yara Shahidi...

Aiming to be multifaceted.

When you hear the name Cardi B your mind may automatically think Hip-Hop artist, reality television star, social media influencer, etc. But beyond the bloody shoes and bodak yellow, Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar has inserted herself into the world of politics. She just recently sat down with Senator Bernie Sanders to discuss future plans for the country. As shocked as the majority may have been by her interests in democratic candidacy, it's even more refreshing to know that there are many sides to this around the way artist. The same goes for people like Kim Kardashian, Meek Millz and Yara Shahidi. Kim is studying to be a lawyer and has been a vital asset to prison reform along with Meek Millz and his efforts in partnering with Jay-Z. Yara Shahidi, being the youngest of the aforementioned, is an activist for feminism, STEM awareness, and self-empowerment alongside being one of the flyest young actresses of today's time.

So, what point am I making, here? The point is that you can be an asset to whatever platform you choose! No one in this world is just one thing. Take myself for instance, I'm a college graduate with a degree in Public Relations, an owner of two businesses as a writer and a creator of sorts, & I'm also aiming to receive my masters in Psychology. I never limit myself to just one lane of interest. I can sit in ten different rooms and discuss ten different conversations effortlessly because I have allowed myself to do so.

As a young adult in this generation of exploration it's necessary that you take advantage of everything you have access to. The possibilities are limitless and the moment you recognize the overflow of capability within yourself you'll be able to apply it to the overflow of opportunity awaiting you. Aim to be multifaceted. Aim to be more than just what you've practiced.

Favor, Peace & Blessings



Jermesha Striblet

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