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College In A Nutshell | SURVIVAL TIPS

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Whether it takes you 2 years or 10 years

Whether you’re living on campus or at home

Whether you’re at a large university or a community college...


So here’s what they DONT reveal to you on a first day basis.

1. If you get a job on campus the best places to work are the library, call centers or residential positions. They are the best for multitasking between work and school work. You get time to study and make money, not to mention library jobs allow you to meet new people being as though everyone makes there way to the LIB at some point or another. Residential positions (Residential Assistant) allow you free housing... FREE. Applying early is key but the perk is worth it.

2. Trying to save money on food? Ask your campustown restaurants about any student discounts, 9/10 they’re available but you have to make them aware that you’re a student. Also keep track of any campus events on any given day of the week, big or small. Most of the time there’s some sort of food being served and it’s always FREE.

3. Having trouble note taking? Ask around for someone who has not only taken the class but has excelled in it. There’s a chance they still have those notes if not too much time has passed. Need an advantage when it comes to studying for tests? Ask the library for old tests that professors have allowed to be accessible. NOTE that they will not be the exact copies of any current exams but they are fairly similar and give you a good amount of leverage in terms of what to expect.

4. GO TO YOUR OFFICE HOURS! Even if it’s just a grade check in, progress check ... whatever. It’ll definitely help you in the long run. The more your professor sees your face outside of class the more he or she may be willing to be of service when/if your final grade is not as expected or if you’ve missed out on an assignment or two.


College is hard enough , so why make it harder?

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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