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Describing College in Five Words or Less

We asked some current and past college students to describe their college experience in five words or fewer and here's what they had to say...

1. Confusing

2. Refreshing

3. Fun

4. A growing experience

5. My experience was "irreplaceable" & "trying"

6. Lonely towards the end

7. I met my best friends

8. A chance to rediscover yourself

9. Unmatched

10. We don't need it.

11. An experience everyone should have

12. More debt.

13. A scam.

14. Best four years of my life

15. Rewarding.

16. Terrifying

17. Ehh.

18. Everyone should attempt college.

19. Isn't just about a degree.

20. Loved it.

21. Depends on where you go

22. Great experience

23. It's what you make it


As you can see, no one has the same college experience nor did they expect it to turn out the way that it did. However, another persons experience shouldn't discourage, detour or even encourage you to expect the same things. It should only push you to want to have an experience of your own. Good luck to those that are about to start in this new journey and keep pushing to those who are in the middle of it.

Favor, Peace & Blessings,



Jermesha Striblet

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