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Have Your Cake, Eat It Too... But Save Some For Later If You Can

Saving, conserving your energy and preparing for the future...

We all want our cake, our piece of the pie... our thirty acres and a mule! I mean, why not? We deserve it don’t we? So, we may as well take full advantage of the opportunity the moment it presents itself. But, what happens after? Once we’ve reaped our reward, once we’ve established ourselves, once we’ve pushed ourselves past our limits and have attained everything we’ve wanted... what’s the final outcome? Most times we find ourselves exhausted, broke, repeating the cycle because we’re used to the routine of getting back into things, back at the drawing board because we’ve failed to prepare for the “what now?” and have only seen ourselves through one step at a time, or all in all not truly enjoying the fruits of our labor as we should.




Don’t exhaust yourself, take your time and enjoy the process as it builds. Once you reach your milestone be present in the moment so that you can actually reflect and receive the experience entirely. Most importantly have a plan for the beginning, middle, the end AND for what’s to come. You never want to spend too much time on just one thing. Prepare yourself for whatever other opportunities and victories become at arms reach! Save your money as you make it, pace yourself within you’re journey so you don’t die out, and always have a plan.

Have your cake and eat it too but be sure to

save some for later to enjoy again..

Life’s A Marathon, Not A Race.

Jermesha Striblet

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