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Procrastination: Not Much 'Pro' About It

According to, Procrastination is the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.

Let's just spill all the beans, count all the elephants in the room, and get those cats out of the bag; procrastination can sometimes seem more powerful than motivation.

Of course your homework sheet may only take thirty minutes or so-- but what if takes more?! What if you could spend those thirty minutes watching your friends story on SnapChat or eating a nice little snack?

It's all up to your agency to do those things, but understand that all actions come with a reaction. If you start to rely on how you feel about a situation and how it'll affect you in the now instead of the future, it starts to form a habit.

Soon that thirty minute homework assignment turns into an important task for college, or a turned down opportunity that will help you expand your career. You miss out on it because you didn't put aside your desire for comfort in the moment. Some decisions you make will last a lifetime whether you're aware of them or not.

Okay that all sounds very heavy and intimidating; what can we do to fix this?

1. Don't Get Mad- Get Moving!

So now you've come to realize you simply waste too much time doing nothing or doing the opposite of what needs to be done. Frustration with your current state is completely normal. But you don't want to get caught in another cycle in which you procrastinate and then just sulk and say, "Aw, did it again! Better luck tomorrow."

That's not changing anything.

So what will change it?

2. Block out distractions

We've probably blogged about this a few dozen times in other post, but it's actually really important. You have to pause the Youtube and games if it's just going to take your time.

The videos aren't going anywhere and neither are your notifications. Download extensions and apps that block particular websites that you go to when you're bored. After a while, you won't even think of typing them in.

For Android: App Detox

For Apple: Procraster

3. Ask yourself what you NEED to do

How many days left until this project?

What is at stake if I don't attempt to finish this?

What is keeping me from starting?

We as humans all experience this sensation that we deserve to do as we please when we please; as much as even I hate to admit it, that is not always the state of our world. There is constant bustling and demands regardless of if you know your goal or not.

So to ease yourself into the whirlpool of responsibility, find a way to let the motivation to overtake the procrastination. The paper you don't want to write won't follow you for all of your life, but the fact that you didn't try will.

So do not aim for perfection, simply aim for completion.

Thank you for reading!

Let it be,

Zoe Nellum

@ZNBlogs Twt/Tumblr

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