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What Even is Mental Health?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

You're working, you're learning, you're growing and doing so much more for the greater good-- that's tough to balance, isn't it?

This is a growing world that demands more hustle and focus than ever required in human history. We as individuals and as a collective are expected to carry that expansion, but what if you're collapsing from the inside out?

While it's good to keep going, be kind to yourself by taking a break once in a while! Here are some guiders to help your mental state.

1. Listen to your body

Have you eaten enough today? Drink enough water? Do you feel sluggish or drained? Every once in a while we lose track of ourselves and forget how sensitive our bodies really are. Try not to binge on snacks high in sugars and additives, keep plenty of water around, and keep activities to a minimum if you're struggling to find time to sleep.

2. Stress Coping

Yes, you may be thinking about going to your friend's party after you finish your homework and get off work in time to complete an unrelated project- but can you really do it all?! Some people can and while that's amazing, it's not always the healthiest habit. You should find something laid back to do between events and assignments that doesn't require much focus. There are plenty of anxiety/stress games & apps to give your mind a rest, or maybe exercise is more your speed.

3. Alone Time

It's almost kind of terrifying how much we're expected to socialize. If you're having a hard time separating your problems from the issues all of your friends and family members are having, you may need time to sort things out. When this happens, be sure to vocalize your needs to people. A simple "I don't feel like talking", or "I need time alone to think" is just fine.

4. Mindfulness/Meditation

I personally want to start doing such things more, but I'm too sensitive to my surroundings (my brain loves going on tangents). However, learning how to center yourself regardless of the situation may work for you. There are methods like counting down from 100 , listing things you're grateful for, or simply listening to calming sounds/ASMR. Yoga is included as well, as there are numerous forms.

5. Seek out professional help

Everyone has a different threshold, a different understanding of emotions and their needs. If you feel misguided, overwhelmed, or hopeless, it'd be best to contact a therapist or mental health center in your area.

If you feel yourself or someone you know is in danger, please call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

All in all, the core message is to look out for yourself in all the ways you possibly can, and take on the world with a rejuvenated, clear mind.

Let it be and it will come,

Zoe Nellum

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