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A Note from Destiny Smith - CME Mentee

Dear CME Donors, As one of 3 kids from a single parent home, I knew from an early age that any dream of a college education would be difficult to impossible to reach. However, during my high school years I was introduced to College Mentoring Experience. Once I met my mentor and experienced campus life through CME college tours, my life was changed forever. For the first time, I believed in the possibility of obtaining a college degree. Need-based Scholarships and other resources provided by CME are my lifeblood while away at college. I would not be here without the support from CME. When you give to College Mentoring Experience, you enable mentees like me to continue pursuing our educational goals. You support exposing young people like me to cutting-edge research, career-ready programs, and top-notch faculty at colleges and universities around the country. And while I am just one voice, I represent hundreds of CME mentees whose lives were changed for the better because you chose to give. As we close out 2021, please consider a year-end, tax-deductible gift to College Mentoring Experience before December 31, 2021. DONATE HERE! The mission, goals, and outcomes of CME are possible because of people like you. Thank you for choosing to support CME. That choice makes it possible for CME mentees to choose options that lead to a better life. Thank you and Happy Holidays Destiny Smith College Mentoring Experience Mentee Senior in Computer Science Engineering Eastern Illinois University
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