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The Mentoring Effect

College Mentoring Experience (CME) has launched a new campaign – The Mentoring Effect. We will be creating a series of blog posts based on the words and insights of mentees, mentors, and staff to speak to the effects CME and mentoring has had on them and the community. Keep an eye out for future website and social media posts (our instagram link is posted below)! Today, we hear from Courtney Lilly, a previous mentee at CME:

CME has gone over and beyond for me. As a senior in high school preparing for college, I wasn't very familiar with scholarships and FAFSA. Not only did CME give me a $1000 scholarship for each year of school, but they also provided me with resources with other scholarship opportunities. Because of CME, I had a job every summer through One Summer Chicago. I was able to work and acquire new skills during these job opportunities. I also attended a resume workshop through CME. There, I was able to have professionals look over my resume and provide me with feedback. There were also mock interviews in this workshop. This prepared me as I entered the workforce shortly after.

CME has had a positive impact over my life. I am forever grateful.

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