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Ever wonder what CME was all about? Check out Kendall's personal journey as a mentee

This month, during our Mentoring Effect campaign, we hear from Kendall Jordan a mentee with CME! Check out our interview below to hear his thoughts. For more Mentoring Effect content, make sure to check back here and our instagram for the latest updates.

What was your favorite memory of being a mentee at CME?

My favorite memory at CME had to be the second Scholarship Gala where I met Allen Bryson. The motivational speaker really had a great presentation and I will never forget it. The Galas are amazing and ran very well!

What advice would you give to others starting their college journey?

My advice I would give to others starting their college journey is to always be open to new things. You never know what you might like or what you would not like if you do not try it!

What advice would you give to new CME members, or individuals that follow us but haven’t joined our program?

For new CME members, I will tell them to always stay alert with the organization. You cannot forget about anything that is going on because they are super professional. Stay on top of them because they'll definitely stay on top of you!

How did CME impact you and your community?

CME has impacted me in so many ways. They have been a shoulder to lean on in hard times, they have been people who understand you and want to see you excel, and they are ALWAYS in the community trying to do something positive. I love CME with all of my heart! They check in with you so much that you cannot forget about the organization! I love how they make sure that their retention rates will stay great with how well they operate! This organization is a hope for Chicago!

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